MirandaMiranda Gottlieb is the Founder and former Chapter Leader at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She brought her fire for social advocacy to campus after a series of events transpired in her life that shared one common factor, failed drug war policies. As a new chapter in 2015, SSDP UTK was able to pass a medical amnesty provision and support legislation at the state level, conduct a naloxone community training, energize a marijuana ballot initiative effort, and spearhead naloxone access for the campus pharmacy. She led multiple initiatives on voter engagement and civic activism as a Scholar in the Howard Baker Center for Public Policy and has helped to develop student research grants for international education. Miranda graduated in May of 2016 with an Honors B.A. in Political Science and Hispanic Studies.

Beyond the campus sphere, Miranda has conducted academic research in Latin America where she explored public policy outcomes for human trafficking survivor assistance programs in Buenos Aires and medical marijuana policy reform in Chile. She has served as an intern for U.S. Senator Tom Udall and the Drug Policy Alliance where she found the courage to challenge the status-quo in Tennessee. Miranda currently sits on the national student board for the American College Health Association as the Advocacy Chair which monitors federal higher education health policy reforms.

When not advocating for public policy reform, Miranda spends her time listening to podcasts, TED talks and reading Hispanic literature. She aspires to have a balcony full of succulents and is constantly experimenting with new Brussel sprout recipes. During her tenure, Miranda hopes to initiate conversations regarding academic success and national scholarship opportunities for students; as she hopes to one day see a multitude of Fulbright, Rhodes, and Truman Scholars getting their start in SSDP.

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