There are currently four pieces of sensible marijuana legislation in the Maryland Legislature!

Delegate Cheryl Glenn introduced HB 302, a bill that would allow Maryland patients safe access to medical marijuana, and HB 180, a bill that would extend the existing affirmative defense currently afforded to Maryland patients their caregivers.

Senator Robert Zirkin also introduced SB 297 and SB 394, which aim to make marijuana a civil, rather than criminal, offense. Additionally, Delegate Dan Morhaim, who has sponsored sensible legislation in the past, is also expected to introduce medical marijuana legislation this session.

According to a 2011 Public Policy Polling poll, 72% of Maryland residents are in support of medical marijuana. Maryland is clearly ready to modernize its marijuana laws and we need to let our legislators know.

Please help these sensible pieces of legislation move forward by using the form below to email your representatives and urge them to support these four bills.


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