As young people, we’ll have to live with the implications and consequences of drug policies for the rest of our lives. That’s why it’s up to us to create more sensible and effective ways to deal with the real and complex issues of drug abuse and addiction. As students on college campuses, we have a unique opportunity to take the lead in formulating and enacting alternative drug policies. With a broad network of students on college campuses across the country implementing an array of different policies, we have the chance to find out what truly sensible drug policy looks like.

SSDP’s Campus Drug and Alcohol Policy Gradebook

Campus drug policies were evaluated according to several factors. Each school started with an average C grade. Positive policy aspects—clearly defined sanctions for specific violations, sanctions focusing on treatment and education, and medical amnesty or Good Samaritan policies—improve the school’s grade. Negative factors—zero tolerance policies, sanctions focusing on punishment, and reliance on referrals to law enforcement—warrant lower grades.

Below is a link to our Campus Change Campaign Grassroots Guide, as well as links to talking points and editable materials for some of the most popular campaigns that SSDP activists are running on campuses across the country.

Campus Change Campaign Grassroots Guide (Online) (PDF)

Campus Drug Policies