More than 120 student governments around the country have already taken a stand and called on Congress to repeal the Higher Education Act’s Drug Provision. Your student government can join this growing student-led movement by passing a resolution and sending it to your legislators in Washington.

Here are some resources to help you prepare for passing the resolution:

    • The 120 Student Governments Which Have Passed Resolutions: (PDF)
    • Background Information on What’s Wrong with the Provision: (PDF)
    • The 240 Organizations Calling for Repeal of the Provision: (PDF)
    • Recent New York Times Editorial on the Issue: (PDF)

Please contact SSDP’s associate director Stacia Cosner in SSDP’s national office for any assistance you need in passing the resolution. We need your help to send the important message that Congress needs to help students stay in school where they belong.