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#SSDP2014: the Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Conference + Lobby Day

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Conference Program

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List of conference speakers


How Harm Reduction is Helping to End Homelessness
Schumann & Schneider


Kara Janowsky (CU Boulder chapter leader) Notes


Lobby Day
Lobby Day one pager fact sheet

Americans for Safe Access’ ABC’s of Citizen Lobbying and Medical Cannabis Advocate Training Center

Putting Down the Handcuffs: Steps towards removing criminal penalties for drug use and possession in the United States

What About the Children?: Women, Families, and the War of Drugs

Alumni in the Cannabis Industry ­I: Working in the industry while furthering drug policy reform
Sam Chapman
New Economy Consulting
“If you want to learn how to write and pass laws in your state, contact me!”

When Diplomacy Fails: How to Fight Back Against a Difficult Administration

Panelist Contact Information:
Stacia Cosner,

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly or with other members of the SSDP staff if you’re facing a difficult administration. We’re here to be resources for you!

A few articles I mentioned during our session:


Sam Tracy,

Student Government Takeover Manual


Your message may be controversial, but you still have a right to free speech. When administrators try and shut you down, FIRE stands by to help:

Sign up to join the FIRE Student Network and stay up-to-date on the latest in the fight for free speech on campus! Once you’ve joined, you can host a FIRE speaker and order (free!) copies of our Guides to Free Speech on Campus. Want to get more involved?Learn how to Stand Up For Speech on your campus, and read about how a NORML chapter at Iowa State University is doing just that.

Want to know more about free speech on your campus? Check out our analysis of your school’s speech codes in our spotlight database. FIRE has analyzed the speech policies at over 420 colleges and universities, so there’s a good chance we’ve taken a look at your school. If we haven’t, but you think we should, you can submit a speech code information request here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email We look forward to hearing from you!


What About the Children?: Women, Families, and the War of Drugs

For Family Law & Cannabis Alliance (FLCA), please link to our site at as well as our Facebook at and our Twitter at  Our website also contains significant resources including a national profile, state profiles, clinical research, and much more.

For additional resources beyond that, please check out this Ladybud article.

Video of this session coming soon.


Privilege and the War on Drugs


1.  ‘White Men Getting Rich From Legal Weed Won’t Help Those Harmed Most By Drug War’

2. Osel, Joseph D.  (2012).  Black Out:  Michelle Alexander’s Operational Whitewash.  The New Jim Crow Reviewed. International Journal of Radical Critique 1(1).

3.  Osel, Joseph D.  (2012). Toward Détournement of The New Jim Crow or The Strange Career of the New Jim Crow. International Journal of Radical Critique 1(2).

4.  Behind the Green Curtain: Racial Disparities in Drug Policy Reform


Industrial Hemp- Advocacy and Legislation


We’re not done yet! The importance of activism in the age of legalization

Amber Iris Langston

Executive Director

Show-Me Cannabis Foundation



How Harm Reduction is Helping to End Homelessness

Irina Alexander


How to be a better advocate: Community Voice and Drug Policy

Irina Alexander


Tyler Vile

I’m available for spoken word performances and/or talks and panel appearances on drug policy, disability rights, LGBTQ+ rights, zine making, vegan living, and more!”

 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide. Though a lot of it is specific to UMD, there’s the harm reduction guide, the consent guide, and ask a trans person, which are all fairly general and, hopefully, useful.


KEYNOTE: Covering Cannabis (Alyson Martin and Nushin Rashidian, co-authors of A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition)

A New Leaf: The End of Cannabis Prohibition and




Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients on Campus: A strategy for policy change

Medical Marijuana Patient Campus Protection Memo 



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SSDP2014 Conference Video

Awards Ceremony videos

Daniel Jabbour Tribute Video

Video message from Rick Doblin

Video message from Ethan Nadelmann

Keynote Speaker: Neill Franklin

Keynote Speaker: Rob Kampia

Keynote Speaker: Troy Dayton

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Jane West photos

SSDP photos

Photo booth photos

SOS Pact photos



SSDP 2014 with US Rep Earl Bleumenauer, Stacia Cosner Deputy Director of SSDP, Troy Dayton founder of SSDP & Betty Aldworth Exec Dir of SSDP + Call for national rallies at US Courthouses on Dec 17, the 100 year anniversary of Drug War:

The Wets performance

History of SSDP Plenary



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Cannabis & Cancer

Cannabis Extract Report – by SSDP alum Justin Kander

Cannabis Extract Report Summary


CSSDP Blog Posts from SSDP2014

SSDP2014 Day 1

SSDP2014 Day 2​

SSDP2014 Day 3


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