We’ve got some exciting news and a new way to get involved with SSDP! We’ve just launched our new Ambassador program, which is perfect for those of you who are not on a campus where SSDP already exists and who don’t have time to start your own chapter.
So what does it mean to be an SSDP Ambassador?

Being an SSDP Ambassador means you get to participate in SSDP’s drug policy reform campaigns without an official chapter.
What can Ambassadors do?

Here are a few sample activities for you to participate in. This list is not exhaustive, and just because something is not listed here does not mean you can’t do it! If you have an idea that is not listed below, just ask!

  • Coordinate or participate in campus campaigns
  • Track state and local bills
  • Work on state-level campaigns
  • Run or assist with on-campus events
  • Establish allies on campus and get other organizations and activists talking about drug policy reform
  • Recruit students to start a full-fledged SSDP chapter on your campus
  • Write for the SSDP blog or for other publications

What sort of resources/support do Ambassadors get?

As an SSDP ambassador, you will provided with limited materials and guidance to help you spread the message of drug policy reform. You will have a dedicated staff member to answer your questions and to help guide your efforts whenever necessary. You will be able to use the SSDP logo and any of our online resources.


For questions, comments, and concerns, please contact us. To get started, fill out the form below. You must be a current student to be an SSDP ambassador.

If the you are having trouble with the embedded form below, please use the direct form here.