Free trip to confront presidential candidates!!

SSDP Sponsors College Convention 2012

SSDPers, HUGE news! With the help of our friends at LEAP, the Drug Policy Alliance, and CJPF, we have just received grant money that has helped us become a major sponsor of College Convention 2012, a four-day gathering of current presidential candidates in Concord, New Hampshire. The convention starts on Tuesday, January 3rd at noon and ends Friday, January 6th at 3pm. (Facebook Event is here,)Not only is SSDP sponsoring the convention, we will also be covering our students’ hotel rooms, lunches, and registration costs! Complimentary breakfast will be served at the hotel. For people carpooling, we will be distributing scholarships of up to $50/car in travel reimbursements . (If you’re planning on flying, Southwest tends to have cheap flights to Manchester, NH. Unfortunately, we would only be able to cover about $15 of your plane ticket.)This is a major opportunity for us to question candidates about their stance on the war on drugs, recruit new members, and present ourselves as the serious, politically-involved activists we are. We will also be traveling to locations in New Hampshire to confront candidates at local town-hall style meetings.If you’re planning on attending, which I hope you are, please fill out this form ASAP. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or text/call me at 410-971-6588.

Think about it- four days with presidential candidates, fifty of your favorite SSDPers, free lodging, and free food! What could be better?Can’t wait to see you there! This is going to be amazing!
-Irina Alexander
Chair, SSDP Board of Directors


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