My Experience as a 4Front Intern

Written by Eric Casey, University of Rhode Island

I had an amazing time being involved in the SSDP internship program. SSDP played an extremely important role in my college experience, and it was great that it could also play a role in assisting me in finding a career as well.

The classes put on during my internship program were a great experience, and allowed me to connect with experts in the field while gaining valuable knowledge in regards the cannabis industry, as well general knowledge about succeeding in a professional environment. It was also great to be able to learn and connect with other young professional SSDPers in the industry. Having [SSDP Career Services Program staff] Zach and Dylan there to organize classes and calls, and to answer any questions I may have, offered a great deal of comfort and made the experience much easier to manage.

Eric Casey, University of Rhode Island

Eric Casey, University of Rhode Island

My time at 4Front as an intern was also tremendous, and taught me a lot about the emerging marijuana industry. It felt very satisfying to be working for a company which shares SSDP’s vision of sensible drug policy and social progress. Working with SSDP alumni like Kris Krane and Sam Tracy made me feel right at home, and many of the skills I learned as a drug policy reformer also proved to be an asset at 4Front. Thanks to the SSDP internship program, I’ve landed a job I could only dream about months ago, all before I even officially graduate college. I look forward to watching the program expand and working with SSDP program interns at 4Front in the future.

I definitely would recommend that other SSDPers take advantage of this program!

For more information on SSDP’s Career Services Program, please visit our overview page, our job board, or contact Dylan Schwartz.