Political Power, Points, and Pizza – Participate in SSDP’s Voter Registration Drive

We have more power than we know. We certainly have more power than we use.

This year, there are more Americans under 35 who are eligible to vote than Boomer voters. And as fond as we may be of Boomers in our own lives, one thing is for sure: they don’t represent our interests when it comes to drug policy. This morning, we begin a series of contests — some national, and some directed to those states with ballot initiatives relevant to SSDP’s mission — to make sure we turn out as many of those people under 35 as we can. 

The rules this week are simple: register as many voters as possible from Monday, October 3rd to Sunday, October 9thAnyone and anywhere is fair game: you don’t have to stay within the confines of the student body on your campus, and you are encouraged to go out into your local communities to educate them about the initiatives and races that intersect with our work. In most states, you can register people quickly and easily here:

The three SSDP chapters who register the most voters this week will each win 100 CAT points and a phone bank pizza party!

If you have any questions, please contact your state’s Campus Coordinator or your regional Outreach Coordinator.