SSDP endorses Measure 80, Oregon marijuana legalization initiative

Official statement of support released

In less than two weeks, voters in Oregon will have the opportunity to vote yes on Measure 80 (also known as the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012), which would regulate the sale of cannabis to adults over age 21 and restore the agricultural hemp industry.

Today I’m proud to announce our official endorsement:

Students for Sensible Drug Policy endorses Measure 80, The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, Oregon’s historic marijuana regulation ballot measure, which will make the state among the first in the nation to license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession, for persons twenty-one years of age or older. Marijuana prohibition has a disproportionately large impact upon young people through consequences that include not only arrest, but also denial of federal student financial aid.  This sensible drug policy will enable law enforcement to focus on real crimes, help reduce arrests of otherwise law-abiding citizens, and serve as a step toward keeping those who need help out of the criminal justice system.  It will save millions of dollars in law enforcement and corrections spending, while creating new jobs in the cannabis and hemp industries, allowing Oregon to generate millions in revenue from state taxes.


Learn more about Measure 80 here.