March 2017 Monthly Mosaic: Diversity Awareness Reflection & Education at #SSDP2017

A hearty welcome to SSDP2017 from SSDP’s Diversity, Awareness, Reflection, & Education (SSDP-DARE) committee! Because the consequences of drug prohibition are far-reaching in their impact on different communities across the globe, exposing oneself to new perspectives is crucial to understanding … more

February 2017 Monthly Mosaic: Love and Drugs- Social Alienation and Problematic Drug Use

In the 1980s, the Partnership for a Drug-Free America released a television advertisement showing a rat, alone, in a cage. The rat had been given two water bottles: one with plain water, and one laced with cocaine. “Only one drug … more

January 2017 Monthly Mosaic: Immigration and the War on Drugs

Local Police Assistance with Deportations

IMMIGRATION AND THE WAR ON DRUGS Simple drug use or possession, particularly of marijuana, is one of the most common reasons that people are criminalized in the United States. In some cases, individuals with drug charges are even asked to … more

November/December 2016 Monthly Mosaic: Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines, and the War on Drugs Internationally

On May 9th of this year, Rodrigo Duterte was elected President of the Philippines in a landslide, thanks in large part to an aggressively pro-drug war agenda. Duterte campaigned on a “tough on crime” platform centered around a plan to … more

October 2016 Monthly Mosaic: Election 2016 and the War on Drugs

WATCH: SSDP Board Member Evan Nison asks Hillary Clinton on ABC News whether she would vote for marijuana legalization if it were on the ballot in her state.

The days are quickly ticking down to November 8th, and we’re all feeling the pressure to make sure we’re informed, registered to vote, and know who and what we’ll be voting for. The U.S. is gearing up to chose our … more

September Monthly Mosaic: State-Sponsored Repression and the War on Drugs

STATE-SPONSORED REPRESSION AND THE WAR ON DRUGS Two years ago today, 43 students of la Escuela Normal Raúl Isidro Burgos, also known as  the Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa—a residential college for peasant farmers studying to become teachers serving in their … more

August Monthly Mosaic: Back-to-School: Building an Inclusive Chapter

Back-to-School: Building an Inclusive Chapter Summer is coming to an end, and, if it hasn’t started already, the beginning of the school year is quickly approaching. Recruiting members is one of the first and most important actions that chapters can … more

July 2016 Monthly Mosaic: The Prison Industrial Complex and the War on Drugs

July 2016 Monthly Mosaic The Prison Industrial Complex and the War on Drugs Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s original motto was “Schools Not Prisons,” in response to the “Aid Elimination Penalty,” an amendment added to the Higher Education Act in … more

June Monthly Mosaic: Families and the War on Drugs

In mainstream conversations about families and drugs, parents are tasked with protecting their children from the evils of drug abuse. However, this narrative drastically oversimplifies the many ways in which families experience drugs and drug use, glossing over the serious … more

May Monthly Mosaic: Mental Health and the Drug War

May Monthly Mosaic Mental Health and the Drug War In 1980, there were 40,900 people incarcerated for drug offenses; by 2013, this number increased to 489,000. The vast majority of drug arrests are for possession, leaving the criminal justice system … more