New Mexico SSDPers Lobby at State Legislature for the Third Year Running

For this year’s New Mexico Lobby Day, our SSDP chapters joined with several other advocacy organizations for Cannabis Awareness Day at the Roundhouse, including NM NORML (led by SSDP alum and board member Monique Chavez), New Mexico EMPACT, Grow for … more

Our Newest High School Chapter: Volcano Vista

Last April, I had the pleasure of announcing Matthew Aragon as the SSDP Rising Star Activist at the SSDP2016 International Conference in Washington, D.C. Since then, he has gone on to establish our newest official SSDP chapter at the high … more

New Mexico 2016 Legislative Wrap-Up

SSDPers lobbying at the New Mexico State capitol, January 2016

Sensible drug policy advances despite 30 day session with limited debate

In New Mexico, the legislative session only lasts thirty days in even numbered years and sixty days in odd-numbered years. My overall takeaway after being at the Roundhouse for fourteen of those thirty days is that it’s an impossibly short … more

New Mexico 2016 Legislative Session Part One: Lobby Day

SSDPers lobbying at the New Mexico State capitol, January 2016

Written by New Mexico State Policy Intern Brett Phelps I came to law school with a goal of reforming New Mexico’s failed drug policies. At our SSDP Lobby Day on Tuesday January 26th I joined my fellow law students and … more

SSDP Introduces our 2016 State Policy Interns

Pushing the State Policy Envelope

Pushing the State Policy Envelope As our national staff continues to grow, we are very excited to announce that we are piloting new state policy internships in New Mexico, New York, and Arizona this year. The State Policy Interns are … more

SSDP’s 911 Good Samaritan Policy Database Updated

Good Samaritan Law Map

21 state laws and 186 school policies catalogued

Special thanks to our intern Greg Weeks for researching and compiling this data, as well as writing this blog post. We’ve updated our database of colleges and universities with 911 Good Samaritan (also referred to as medical amnesty) policies! We found … more

AMA Calls for Review of Marijuana Schedule

It's About Time! AMA Calls for Review of Marijuana Schedule

“Our American Medical Association (AMA) urges that marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines,” the AMA’sstatement (PDF) reads. “This should not … more