Understanding Person First Language

Written by SUNY New Paltz SSDP chapter leader Robert Hofmann When talking about drug policy reform, activists will encounter several terms used to describe people who use drugs. These terms can show us preconceived notions of drug users held by … more

Stigma, Addiction, & Recovery in Indonesia

SSDP Outreach Coordinator Jake Agliata was in Indonesia from February 14 to February 25 as part of a cultural exchange program sponsored by the American Council for Young Political Leaders. This is the second of several blog posts that will … more

Just Say Know: Recovery & Strategies for Change in High-Risk Behaviors

Just Say Know

Written by Guest Blogger Karen Walker, Peer Education Intern Think through each of the phases of the Cycle of Change: Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance, Relapse. For each of these phases, how can you meet someone where they’re at and … more

Recovery and Reform: An alum’s journey back

by Kevin Franciotti '08, Northeastern University

Over seven years ago I co-founded the Northeastern University undergraduate chapter of SSDP. As a student in Boston during the 2008 election season, I was thrilled because also on the ballot that year was a vote on whether Massachusetts should … more

SSDP Chapters & Directors Collaborating on Diversity Manual – Get Involved Today!

Opportunities to diversify the movement at all levels of involvement

The SSDP Outreach, Recruitment and Diversity committee, in cooperation with dozens of chapter leaders and members, has begun an initiative that is going to transform the drug policy movement into a force that cannot be ignored. For too long, voices … more

Chapter Leader of the Week: Katharine Celentano

Katharine Celentano, Columbia University

Katharine: A few years ago, when I wasn’t even a student! I was taking time off from school for health reasons. I’d been interested in mental health advocacy since about 6th grade, but my experiences with some self-identifying addicts inspired … more