UC Berkeley SSDP Chapter Organizes Class on “Rethinking the Drug War”

Last semester, Students for Sensible Drug Policy members Rhana Hashemi and Lalitha Thirunagari organized a student-organized class titled, “Rethinking The Drug War: Historical Context, Framing, and Education.” The purpose of the course was to develop student understanding of how the … more

The Personal is Political: How the War on Drugs is a War on Communities

Written by UC Berkeley SSDP Co-President Oliver Zerrudo My first International Drug Policy Reform Conference left me with many amazing conversations to mull over. One of the things that resonated with me most was when, during the Reform For Those … more

Drug Policy Perspectives: Why I Joined SSDP

My name is Oliver Zerrudo, and I am a 5th year undergraduate at the University of California at Berkeley. I wanted to express my reasons for joining SSDP, and the rationales for why I am passionate about the work we … more

SSDP starts the school year with 24 new chapters

School has been out for the past few months, but SSDPers have been kicking it up into high gear – training and educating others, advocating for sensible drug policy, and building up their chapters. The Outreach team is so excited to … more

SSDP Welcomes a New Chapter at University of California Berkeley

Meet Lalitha Thirunagari and Oliver Zerrudo, the newest chapter leaders of the SSDP chapter at University of California Berkeley! The founding of the SSDP chapter at University of California Berkeley has an interesting story. Before this school year, Lalitha and … more