Winning Friends and Influencing Drug Policies
Stacia Cosner
Influencing people is about making people like you, getting people to do something you’d like them to do, and identifying and preparing for opportunities. Participants will be guided through activities that outline plans for influencing state and campus policies. We will also practice and refine skills necessary for lobbying and for getting public officials on the record about drug policy issues.

Effectively Communicating Ideas
Drew Stromberg
How to and best practices for effectively communicating through media and storytelling. This session will focus on effective goals, methods, and routes of communication. Participants will engage in hands-on activities designed to develop communication skills and techniques.

Managing to End the Drug War
Devon Tackels
As young student leaders, we are very busy people. It can often feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done and still fight to change the world. By adopting a new perspective on management of your own schedule, and better understanding of the inner dynamics of the way your chapter works, you may be able to get more done than you ever knew. Participants will take part in several time management and critical thinking exercises that will help them develop a better understanding of the way student organizations run, and walk away with the ability to turn your SSDP chapter into well-oiled machine.

Fundraising Made Easy
Aaron Houston
The number one reason people give money to non-profits is simply because someone asked them to.  Fundraising is easier than you think. In this session, we will share a few easy methods that will help unlock the mystery of raising money for causes about which you are passionate. You don’t need to know extraordinarily rich individuals in order to be a good fundraiser, you just need to ask the people you already know.



Influencing Campus Policy Worksheet

Influencing State Policy Worksheet

Letters to the Editor Handout

Press Release Handout

Storytelling Handout