Visit the following websites to learn more about the war on drugs, the organizations working to put an end to it, and the organizations working to maintain the harmful and dangerous status quo:


Facts & Research

These websites are primarily dedicated to compiling facts and information rather than engaging in direct advocacy. They are great resources for personal or academic research on drugs and drug policy. – Dance Safe – DRCNet Drug Library – Drug War Facts – Erowid: A website with honest information about drugs. – Flex Your Rights – Media Awareness Project: An archive of media relating to drugs and drug policy. – Safety First – SSDPedia – Harm Reduction Resources map
1,000+ peer-reviewed journal articles, provided by


Drug Policy Reform Organizations

These organizations are primarily focused on advocating for drug policy reform. – American Civil Liberties Union – Americans for Safe Access – Committee for Compassionate Medicine – Common Sense for Drug Policy – Criminal Justice Policy Foundation – Dance Safe – Drug Policy Alliance – Drug Reform Coordination Network – Drug Sense – Espolea – Families Against Mandatory Minimums – Harm Reduction Coalition – Human Rights and the Drug War – Interfaith Drug Policy Initiative – Justice Policy Institute – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – Marijuana Policy Project – National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws – The November Coalition – Open Society Institute – Release – Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation – The Sentencing Project – Talking Drugs


Organizations We Partner With

These organizations are not primarily focused on drug policy reform, but they work closely with SSDP on specific campaigns.

A full list of organizations we partner with in our campaign to repeal the HEA Aid Elimination penalty can be found at the website of the Coalition for Higher Education Act Reform (CHEAR). – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) – National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) – Remove Intoxicated Drivers


Prohibitionist Organizations

These organizations are primarily focused on maintaining the harmful status quo of drug prohibition. – Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers – Drug Abuse Resistance Education – Drug Enforcement Administration – The National Institute on Drug Abuse – The Office of National Drug Control Policy. A.K.A. The Drug Czar’s Office. – The Partnership for a Drug Free America – The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime



News & opinion from various perspectives – Drug War Rant by Pete Guither (reform) – Pushing Back: The Office of National Drug Control Policy blog (prohibitionist) – Stop The Drug War Speakeasy (reform)