Request a drug policy expert for a speaking engagement


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

Former cops, prosecuters, DEA agents, and judges are speaking out against the failure of drug prohibition, and calling for alternative policies that regulate drugs in order to reduce the harms associated with drugs.


Racism, Classism, and the Drug War

A Discussion With Cliff Thornton

Founder of the Connecticut-based organization Efficacy speaks about the Drug War’s impact on communities of color and low-income families.


Veteran’s VIP

Voice. Influence. Purpose.

Connecting combat veterans and the progressive community with the people, messaging, and opportunities necessary to successfully influence the decision-making process.


SSDP Staff Workshops

How To Change Policy at the Campus, Local, and State Levels


Speakers Bureau

SSDP Board and Staff Members Available for Speaking Engagements

Members of SSDP’s speakers bureau are available for speaking engagements. Once you request a speaker, a member of our staff will contact you to discuss your plan to compensate the speaker for travel expenses. Typical honoraria for a speaker is between $500-$1500.
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All SSDP Staff and Board members are also available for speaking arrangements.