Feeling creative? Use SSDP’s logo to make your own flyers, brochures, banners, t-shirts and other materials. For additional help, please contact Drew Stromberg.


Official SSDP Logo (updated 2014)

    • Full logo (white background) .jpglarge (for large printed banners)
      SSDP Logo


    • Just letters (white background) .jpg
      SSDP Logo Just Letters


    • Full logo (blue background)
      SSDP Logo Blue


    • Just letters (blue background)
      SSDP Logo Blue Just Letters

HD SSDP Banner Images

  • SSDP Banner-White en Espanol .pdf
  • SSDP Banner Blue en Espanol .pdf


Starting a Facebook page for your campus?

Use some of our sample pictures until you have pictures of your own chapter to use.

  • Full Logo Facebook Banner


  • Full logo Facebook banner (with space for profile picture)
    ssdp logo blue background facebook banner OFFICIAL
  • Full Blue Logo Facebook Banner


  • “S” Facebook Profile


  • “Join the next meeting at your campus” Facebook Banner

local meeting banner

  • “D.A.R.E. to resist” Facebook Profile

d.a.r.e. profile

  • “D.A.R.E. to resist” Facebook Banner

d.a.r.e. banner

  • “This could be you” Facebook Banner

capitol banner 



For other banners to use on your website, please visit our Link to Us page.