Overall Grade: C

Basic Information




Reason for grade:
Unclear what sanctions apply to which infractions, though list of sanctions suggests a possible balance of punishment and education/treatment. No mention of a medical amnesty policy.
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Policy Details

Sanction(s) for marijuana policy violations:
(marijuana grouped with other illegal drugs in policy)

Sanction(s) for alcohol policy violations:
Sanctions not specific to alcohol/drugs and include: warning, restriction, fines, community service, creative/educational program, workshop/seminar/lecture attendance, housing loss/relocation, trespass warning, probation, interim/summary suspension, suspension, expulsion.

Sanction(s) for other drug policy violations:
See alcohol sanctions.

Typical sanction for first time possession of small amount of marijuana:
(distinction not made)

Campus Good Samaritan Policy:

Statewide Good Samaritan Policy:

Link to school policy

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