Elise Szabo (’14)

Movement Building Fellow

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Elise joined the SSDP staff in June 2017 as the Outreach Coordinator for the Pacific region. She works out of our Oakland office building and guiding the chapters in her region and connecting them to SSDP’s network. She first got involved in SSDP during her freshman year as a Philosophy student at Kent State University. After her time as a chapter leader, Elise served a short term on SSDP’s Board of Directors before being hired to staff.


Elise found out about SSDP in high school while writing a research paper on the use of psychedelics in therapy. She was excited to join Kent State University’s chapter in Fall 2104, where she was elected the following semester as Treasurer and then served as President for the remainder of her time with the chapter. She enjoyed building power and organizing events with other student activist organizations on campus, especially Ohio Student Association. Outside of human rights and social justice, Elise is also passionate about animal rights and environmental conservation, and she participated in student groups with those focuses during her time at Kent as well.

Academic & Professional History

Elise just finished up her last semester studying Philosophy at Kent State University in Ohio. She served on SSDP’s Board of Directors for a short term before accepting her position on staff, and she’s thrilled to be starting her professional life with SSDP.