Emma Landry ’21

Resolution to Advance Sensible Drug Policy Intern

Emma Landry is the current Resolution to Advance Sensible Drug Policy Intern for SSDP and co-founder of The Johns Hopkins University SSDP chapter. She is studying Neuroscience (B.S.) and Sociology (B.A.) at Johns Hopkins to coalesce her passion for neuropharmacology research and drug policy reform to ultimately end the War on Drugs and advance science-based research on psychoactive substances.

Emma’s career in drug policy reform began in 2017 when she established a service-based drug education course at her high school that educated students on harm reduction practices and the history of drug policy in the United States. She also organized campaigns for campus policy changes regarding the penalization of substance use, as well as overdose prevention trainings, speakers series, and educational programming for her school and local communities.

As an intern for SSDP, Emma is assisting different SSDP chapters around the country in passing the Resolution to Advance Sensible Drug Policy in their respective cities.