Evan Hazlett

Programs Intern


Evan Hazlett is currently a Junior at DePaul University currently studying Hospitality Leadership with a concentration in event management. He also has two separate minors in Music Recording and Music Business. At DePaul, Evan has been heavily involved in student organizations on campus, including Students for Sensible Drug Policy, The DePaul Music Business Organization, The DePaul Activities Board, and DePaul’s Event Management Club. His prior work experience includes working as a catering server and clerk, as well as his current endeavors of free-lancing events and working as a barista at The Bourgeois Pig Café down the street from DePaul. In his future career, Evan plans on producing a large-scale camping music and arts festival centered around the themes of social change and activism called Floof Festival.

Evan’s interests in the drug policy movement range from producing activism inspired events and conferences, to promoting harm reduction and drug checking at music festivals and events in the United States. He currently leads a working group within the Inter-Chapter Collaborative Committee dedicated to developing, organizing, and creating resources for the SSDP network that appeal to a wide variety of learning styles and organization methods.

Throughout 2020, Evan has interned with Students for Sensible Drug Policy to assist in planning the international conference, #SENSIBLE2020, originally being held in Baltimore, Maryland on March 27th-30th but late held as a virtual drug policy conference May 1st-3rd. His post-conference internship activities include additional resource development. graphic design, and fostering online community.