Hannah Procell (’15)

Advocacy Fellow


Hannah Procell is the Advocacy Fellow for SSDP. She serves our organization through coaching members on successful policy reform and advocacy efforts on local, state, and national levels. She works to enhance and align our organization’s relationships with NGOs and allies who share our understanding about the power and importance of letting young people lead. Hannah’s new role as Advocacy Fellow renews our organization’s commitment to empowering and mobilizing young people to participate in the political process. With Hannah as our new Fellow, we will thrive in our work developing leaders who advocate for policy changes based on justice, liberty, compassion, and reason.


Hannah spent her teenage years passionately involved in social justice and human rights activism with youth-led non profits. Since becoming an activist at the age of 13, she worked to empower her peers to stand up for and defend what’s important to them through participating in social justice activism both within and outside of the U.S. political system. In high school, she coordinated and attended several advocacy-centered conferences in D.C. wherein she coached students through lobbying their congressional members. Hannah has lobbied Senator Bill Nelson numerous times, and is deeply excited to coach our SSDP youth through lobbying their congressional members. She is a naturally inspiring leader as shown through her years of service in elected leadership positions with BBYO in high school, and further through her years of leadership with New College of Florida’s SSDP chapter. In 2018, Hannah was presented the Prometheus Award for Harm Reduction Activism for her effective, reality-based harm reduction efforts in the face of her college’s institutional and bureaucratic suppression of student-led harm reduction on campus.

Academic & Professional History

Hannah joins us from New College of Florida, the Honors College of Florida, where she graduated with an honors degree concentrating in international studies, sociology, and anthropology. Her academic specialities include social movement theory and youth involvement in social movement dynamics, strategic non-profit leadership, globalization, social justice, human rights, and international laws and politics. In 2018 she completed her undergraduate thesis, titled “Mass Incarceration of Palestinian Youth as a Potential Catalyst for Socio-Political Change: An Examination of International Reports on the Systematic and Institutionalized Ill-Treatment of Palestinian Youth in the Israeli Military Detention System”. Hannah worked three part-time jobs at New College of Florida, her favorite being her time at the Admissions department. Hannah found joy in spending countless hours speaking with and giving tours for high school students who were interested in attending New College. She is fulfilled through sharing her passion for learning, for activism, and for special communities such as New College and SSDP, where people thrive together and support each other in their commitment to changing the world for the better. Hannah feels she is working her dream job as Advocacy Fellow for SSDP, and is overjoyed to be empowering and mobilizing young people for our cause.