Rachel Wissner (’11)

Development and Events Associate


Rachel Wissner is the Development and Events Associate for SSDP. Her primary responsibilities are supporting SSDP’s fundraising efforts and playing a major role in engaging the SSDP community with events.


Rachel first got involved with SSDP in 2011, when she joined the SUNY New Paltz chapter as a freshman. In her time at New Paltz, she worked substantively on harm reduction and drug education efforts as well as multiple campaigns for campus policy change. She led the campaign to equalize the campus alcohol and marijuana policy in 2013, coordinated and supervised weekly drug education and events, and worked on the successful SUNY-wide “Ban the Box” campaign to end discrimination against college applicants with prior felony convictions. The campaign resulted in a SUNY Board of Trustees vote to remove all questions regarding criminal convictions from the SUNY college application in 2016.
Rachel worked as the Outreach Associate for Family Law & Cannabis Alliance (FLCA) from 2016-2017, advocating for families impacted by the drug war. In addition to providing resources for parents facing Child Protective Services (CPS) actions for marijuana use, she worked to raise awareness on the unique issues parents and families face under prohibition and advocate these issues be taken into consideration by policymakers when crafting marijuana legislation and ballot initiatives. Rachel joined the FLCA team first as an intern through the SSDP Career Services program in 2015.
Outside of drug policy reform, Rachel is a very passionate environmental justice advocate. She got started on her career in fundraising when she joined the New York Public Interest Research Group’s campaign to ban fracking in New York state in 2014, and worked the three following summers as a field manager for NYPIRG’s summer community outreach program.

Academic & Professional History

Rachel graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Prior to joining SSDP staff, Rachel was elected to SSDP’s Board of Directors, served as Secretary of the Board, and worked as the Project Coordinator for NYPIRG’s Hunter College chapter, organizing students around environmental justice, hunger and homelessness, consumer protection, and higher education affordability issues.