Cameron Oberlin

Arizona & Nevada Campus Coordinator


Cameron is the Campus Coordinator in Arizona and Nevada. HIs primary focus is expanding the SSDP network, and engaging students with regulation initiatives. He first became involved with SSDP in 2010 after co-founding the first chapter in Arizona at Chandler-Gilbert Community College with his colleague Scott Cecil.


Before joining SSDP staff, Cameron was heavily involved with grassroots cannabis reform activists in Arizona. He got his first start in 2010, when he volunteered for MPP’s campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Arizona. Following the victory for medical marijuana in Arizona, Cameron and his SSDP chapter teamed up with other community activists to place an adult recreational use initiative on the 2014 ballot. Cameron’s experience in Arizona politics and activism has led him to develop an extensive network of local allies and professionals; which will be critical to a successful outcome for the initiative in 2016.

Academic & Professional History

Cameron began college in 2010 at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Chandler, Arizona. In 2011, Cameron was selected as a Clinton Global Initiative University campus representative. After completing his associate’s degree in 2012, he transferred to Arizona State University as a pre-law Political Science major where he served as chapter president for 3 semesters. During his final semester, Cameron worked as a legislative intern to U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva in his Washington Office. Prior to working for SSDP, Cameron worked as a registered Arizona Dispensary Agent for Tempe’s premier medical cannabis dispensary. Cameron is applying for law school in the fall of 2016 and plans to become a criminal attorney.

Fun Facts

Cameron has an extensive interest and knowledge base in the areas of both drug psychopharmacology, and pharmacologic action.
Cameron has been a multi-discipline cyclist for 15 years. He spent 10 years racing BMX supercross, downhill MTB, four-cross, and dual slalom on two national circuits at the highest amateur proficiency level. He raced professionally in the UCI’s Elite Men class from 2008-2009. Due to sustaining multiple serious injuries over the course of his cycling career, he’s retired from competition but still enjoys riding for fun.