Colin Fitzgibbon

Regional Outreach Coordinator


Colin is returning to his position as the campus coordinator for our SSDP chapters in Florida this year after first stepping up to the plate in 2014.

He was inspired fight against unjust drug policies while studying at the University of Miami in 2011, and joined their SSDP chapter after being put on final disciplinary probation for having just under two grams of cannabis and a pipe in his freshman year dorm.


Prior to starting as SSDP’s Florida Campus Coordinator in 2014, Colin volunteered with and was eventually employed by the United for Care campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

He is excited to finish the fight this year and help the state pass the resurrected amendment two by a landslide in the face of its extremely narrow defeat in 2014.

Academic & Professional History

While in school, Colin studied drug use from anthropological and sociological standpoints, and studied entheogenic drug use in ritual settings while abroad for a semester in Peru.

He is a staunch advocate of harm reduction policies to mitigate the negative effects of drug use in society, specializing in psychedelic therapy and harm reduction as well as harm reduction at music festivals and dance music events.