Logan Ward ’17

HBCU Outreach Intern


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Logan currently lives and goes to school in Washington D.C. A student at Howard University, Logan is majoring in Africana studies and minoring in criminal justice. As a member of SSDP’s only recognized chapter at an HBCU, Logan plans to create a unique model for student activism on black-majority campuses. Further, they want to explore the relationship between the stigmatization of drug use and queerness, especially as it pertains to educational environments. They have a specific interest in making safe and culturally-grounded drug practices accessible to black students coping with mental illness and trauma. As Logan continues their academic career, they aim to ensure that the most vulnerable populations within their communities are centered in the cogitation on sensible drug theory and praxis. For Logan, the struggle to center trans-feminine and lesbian communities is not limited to SSDP, but has also involved criminal justice work with organizations such as DCPC. In addition to engaging dialogically with concepts of gender liberation and anti-capitalist efforts through exploratory writing, Logan is passionate about cultivating black radical interpersonal dynamics.