Sara Diem

Colorado State Policy Internt


Sarah Diem is a junior at the University of Colorado Denver studying Political Science with an emphasis on Public Policy. Recently Sarah has brought an SSDP chapter back to CU Denver and is working to collaborate and form relationships with other forward-thinking organizations on campus and the local Harm Reduction Action Center. With a particular interest in psychedelic therapy for mental illness and harm reduction implementation in the community, Sarah is extremely excited to work both through her chapterand internship to be a driving force behind drug policy reform and striving to affect change.

If I could only accomplish one thing in this internship, it would be: To open the dialogue around drug policy reform in the community. Colorado has shown itself to be progressive in marijuana policy but it would be it would be a great failure if we let the conversation stop there.

If I could wave a magic wand and change one specific drug policy in my state, it would be: Medical and harm reduction centers to being able to offer substance testing for users. Colorado has a huge live music scene which has seemed to be followed by a large recreational drug scene as well. Although individuals can obtain their own testing kits their possession and use can still be considered illegal; if testing services were offered in a discreet and safe setting from reliable organizations it could prevent a range of drug-related complications from overdose to