Sara Velimirovic

UNGASS Coordinator Intern


Sara Velimirovic is our UNGASS Coordinator Intern. She graduated from Sciences Po at the Euro-American Campus in Reims. After her exchange year to United States at Rutgers University, she will head back to Paris for Master program of International Security at Paris School of International Affairs. Originally from Serbia, she worked as a youth group coordinator for the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia for two years, where she was in charge of various projects aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation among her peers. Sara was also the co-director of a student organization called Distinguished Lecture Series, which hosted conferences by established professionals and academics such as Cultural attaché of the US Embassy in France, Israeli ambassador to Paris, France’s TF1 lead news anchor, Director General for Democracy in the Council of Europe, etc. Sara has also been awarded certificates and diplomas for attending trainings in libertarian theory, human rights, non-violent communication, grass-roots activism and student organizing, given by many prestigious institutions such as Libek, Center for Peace Studies in Croatia, the U.S. Department of State, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the World Affairs Council.