2 new SSDP chapters

With students going back to school, it’s certainly been a busy week for student drug policy reform! As administrators get back to work as well, two more SSDP chapters have gained official student group approval from their schools, and now we’re excited to welcome Tufts University and Utah State University to our chapter network. Tufts University Boston, MA (Northeast Region) Alex Baskin heard about SSDP in the Spring of 2010 through his friends who lead our chapter at Rutgers University New Brunswick and “was blown away” by the work the chapter was doing on a city wide lowest law enforcement priority initiative. He has been working on establishing a chapter of his own at Tufts University ever since. The first order of business for Tufts SSDP will be addressing campus marijuana policies that still sanction students through the judicial system for marijuana possession, which is no longer a crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (possession of up to 28 grams of cannabis was decriminalized when Question 2 passed the legislature in 2009). Utah State University Logan, UT (Mountain Plains Region) Last September, Adam Black was looking for ways to get involved in drug policy reform when he came across our website. He says that Logan, Utah is a college town experiencing some of the most aggressive drug law enforcement with some of the harshest penalties in the world. USU SSDP is determined to do something about that. Students for Sensible Drug Policy is active across the United States with official chapters at over 150 high schools, colleges, universities, graduate & law schools. We also have chapter networks forming in several countries outside of the U.S. Visit our website to join or start one at your school today, and to access our activistresources including our comprehensive Student Organizing Manual. Back to top