2012: A New Year for you in SSDP

2012: A New Year for you in SSDP

What might be the best way for you to START your year engaged in “sensible drug policy?” Come to the College Convention 2012 in Concord, NH, Jan. 3-6.

1. Directly question the leading candidates for President about drug policy!

2. Help put drug policy on the national and international political agenda.

3. By your example and energy, help recruit hundreds of bright, passionate students to join SSDP.

4. Support Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in making the drug policy reform case to New Hampshire voters.

5. Support SSDP speakers talking about campus Good Samaritan policies and harm reduction!

6. Experience the unique excitement of retail presidential politics in New Hampshire’s intimate, “first in the nation” presidential primary.

7. Take advantage of the funding SSDP raised to house you, feed you and transport you to Concord, New Hampshire.

8. Hear some outstanding speakers, learn about many critical national and international issues in addition to drug policy.

9. Have fun with your SSDP friends and make new friends!

10.  Have one of the most memorable experiences of your life! Be a vital, direct part of the world’s oldest democracy!

11. Go to http://bit.ly/collegecon2012 toregister!

If you can’t make the whole thing, come for 1 or 2 days. Contact Irina Alexander (irina@ssdp.org or 410.971.6588) if you have any questions. 

Forward to your friends!

Eric E. Sterling, J.D.

Proudly a member of the National Board of Directors

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Foundation




1317 F Street, NW • Suite 501 • Washington, DC 20004 • Phone: 202-393-5280

Eric’s address:

The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

8730 Georgia Avenue • Suite 400 • Silver Spring, MD 20910

• Phone: 202-365-2420

Email: esterling@cjpf.org

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