2013 SSDP Resources for Students

2013 SSDP Resources for Students

So, it’s 2013, and you need more resources to make your SSDP chapter run like a well oiled machine. Turns out you are in luck. SSDP has tons of student resources for you. No matter what you are doing with your SSDP chapter, we have the tools to help you out. Take a look at some of our resources, and start using them today. SSDP Outreach Directors drew:devonSSDP has two Outreach Directors that serve as your number one resource at SSDP Heaquarters. We work full time to help you get your chapter up and running, get involved in campaigns and actions on and off campus, and help you in times of need. We are experieced chapter founders and leaders, and we have seen or dealt with almost any SSDP scenario. So, no matter what you are working on, we can help. Beyond helping you get up and running, we can assist you in many ways, including (but not limited to):

-Providing assistance, advice, guidance and support to chapter members with campaign management, event planning, and organizational leadership.

-Connect you with other chapters and activists in your state/region

-Help you set up an action alert page on our website for important legislation that has been introduced in your state, and email legislators to make sure your voice is heard

-Help you set up a local or state campaign to change a drug policy

-Personalize your SSDP chapter page with pictures, conact info, meeting times and more

-Share your thoughts with the world by publishing a blog post on the Dare Generation Diary, SSDP’s Blog

-Work with you to craft written or verbal testimony for legislative committees

SSDP Tabling Care Packages We have redesigned our chapter care packages to include the most up-to-date and helpful information for talking sensible drug policies with your campus. If you aren’t tabling, you aren’t doing it right. We now have a small, large, and special AMPLIFY Project tabling kits for every tabling scenario. Purchase one today! Materials and Online Resources  Your best online resource is the 2012-2013 Student Organizing Manual, which is your how-to-guide on everything SSDP. If you are just starting a chapter, or leading an established chapter, this guide is going to be your best friend! We also developed this SSDP 101 slideshow for your first meeting back on campus. This is a great way to tell people what SSDP is all about, and why we are doing what we do. We have updated our stock images, and sample materials to provide our chapters with our logo, student sign-up sheets, and sample chapter materials (budgets proposals, constitutions, etc.) and we also just uploaded high definition images so you can create an awesome banner or T-shirt for your chapter today. So, go check them out! Do you plan on lobbying this semester? We hope so! With legislative sessions starting (some have already begun), you should start researching policies in your state to support (or fight) and lobby your elected officials. If you are interested, we recently released our SSDP Student Lobbying Guide. This has everything you need to schedule a lobbying meeting with your elected representatives to discuss sensible policy change on the state and federal level. So, take a look and start making those meetings today! If you need help, your outreach director can help you plan your meetings and discuss ways to make your lobbying experience better. Is anyone in your chapter looking to run for Student Government this semester? Maybe you should take a look at the SSDP Student Government Takeover Manual. This guide was created by SSDPers, and covers strategies and tactics you can use to take control of your student government and bring some sensibility to the table. Being involved with student government can be very beneficial for your chapter. Also, don’t forget to take a peek at our updated meeting, event, Letters-to-the-editor, and fundraising tip pages today! SSDP Leadership Webinar Series SSDP Outreach staff has created a five part series of webinars to help you become the best activist you can be. Make sure members from your chapter are participating. These online trainings were developed specifically for SSDP chapter members (new or old), and will address creative methods you can use on your campus to be more successful. Leadership Transition Tools Most SSDP chapter leadership transition happens in the Spring semester as old leaders graduate, and new leaders are elected. SSDP’s outreach staff have created a special leadership transition page and webinar just for you. Passing the torch is no easy task, but we have done what we can to make it easier for you. Additionally, if you plan on transitioning leadership in your chapter, contact your outreach director today! We hope all of these updated resources can serve you this year, and if you need any additional help, don’t forget to ask your Outreach Director for help!