24 signs you’re an SSDPer

Today is the last day of our spring SSDP Alumni Association membership drive! Each day this week we’ve featured blog posts from our alumni, be sure to check them out. Being a part of Students for Sensible Drug Policy is a truly unique, life-changing experience. So, last week I asked a few of our alumni to help me come up with this list of signs that you’re an SSDPer… 1. You pull the drug war card out in every class discussion, regardless of the class. 2. Your resume includes words like: marijuana, cannabis, syringe and/or psychedelics. 3. You ran for student government just so you could change campus drug policy. (And won. Then did.)nick-watkins-marijuana-platform 4. One of your pet peeves is when people add an “a” before “Sensible” or pluralize “Policy.” 5. Pot puns make you really angry.stacia-chalking-demo 6. You appreciate, and practice, the fine art of sidewalk chalking. 7. Sometimes you get bored talking about marijuana. 8. You know more about the drug war than your field of study. 9. You carry no fewer than three “know your rights” cards on you at all times. 10. Your family hits you up every time they see something even remotely related to drugs in the news. (And you already heard about it weeks ago.)

11. Your favorite band is The Wets.

12. Attending drug policy conferences are your favorite vacations. 13. Your ailing grandparents come to you for advice on medical marijuana strains. 14. You met your best friend/significant other through SSDP. (And then started a family together.) 15. When you see an amazing concert is coming to town and your first thought is, “that would be a great place to do some tabling!” 16. You remember exactly where and when you met Eric Sterling for the first time. 17. You were relieved when you went to your first conference and realized you weren’t the only drug policy nerd. 18. You’ve sat on a board of directors before turning 25. 19. You have more drug policy t-shirts than non-drug policy t-shirts. phonebanking-oregon 20. You’ve run up your cell phone bill by phone banking. 21. Your friends and family come out of the “drug closet” to you. 22. You consider it a spiritual experience the first time you heard Ethan Nadelmann speak 23. You won a lifetime achievement award before turning 30. 24. In a matter of only a few phone calls, you know you can have a couch to crash on in almost every major city, thanks to your SSDP family. Sound like you? Join the SSDP Alumni Association today! All new members who complete enrollment by tonight at 11:59pm EST will be entered to win a free conference registration to attend SSDP2016: The Students for Sensible Drug Policy Conference, April 15-17, 2016 in Washington DC.