3 Months in Jail… for TicTacs

I don’t actually know the brand of the mints but who cares? Back in May of 2005, Donald May was driving home from work in Kissimmee, FL when he was pulled over for expired tags. What happened next is just plain outrageous:
When officers pulled Donald May over for an expired tag, they thought themints he was chewing were crack and arrested him. May told Eyewitness News they wouldn’t let him out of jail for three months until tests proved the so-called drugs were candy.
Ok, so the officer thought the mints were crack. Honest mistake. I mean, we need to clean up the streets here guys. It’s not like the police officer found out it was just mints and then lied about testing the drugs in order to cover his ass right? Err…
The officer claimed he field-tested the evidence and it tested positive for drugs. The officer said he saw May buying drugs while he was stopped at an intersection. He also stated in his report May waived his Miranda rights and voluntarily admitted to buying drugs. May said that never happened. “My client never admitted he purchased crack cocaine. Why would he say that?” attorney Adam Sudbury said. May was thrown in jail and was unable to bond out for three months. He didn’t get out until he received a letter from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the State Attorney’s Office that test results showed no drugs were found.
If it were crack, who the fuck would be chewing or sucking on it like a mint? So this poor guy loses his apartment and job, the police tow and auction his car, and he spends 3 months in jail because of police stupidity followed by police misconduct. Yay for the drug war! At least he has filed a complaint. I don’t know who BigWhiteSeth is, but he gives a pretty hilarious recap of the whole situation: