3 Ways You Can Help Our Global Network

European Regional Conference
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This entry has been published on May 11, 2020 and may be out of date.

We just had our most accessible and diverse conference to date, and we hope you all really enjoyed it! We want to make sure we can make SSDP as accessible as possible for our members across the globe all year round. If you want to see some of the incredible achievements by the Global Program this year, take a look at our international blog posts and this year’s awards ceremony to get an idea of just how impactful the Global Network is. Though our global network is thriving, we face major challenges every day, and two of the biggest are funding and the language barrier. So here are 3 ways you can help us serve our members more effectively:

Donate to the International Activities Fund

The best way you can support the Global Network is by donating to the International Activities Fund. Serving a network with such diverse cultures and needs is costly and we cannot support this fast-growing network without this fund. This fund goes towards:

  • Events (i.e. space rental, transportation, and meals)
  • Travel reimbursements (i.e. travelling to United Nations events to represent SSDP)
  • Print materials
  • Regional conferences
  • International SSDP conference scholarships
  • Global Team; staff contractors who will support and mobilize SSDP chapters across the globe

Volunteer to do some translations

We are looking native and fluent speakers of non-English languages to translate materials for us. This can be as little as translating one outreach email. Simply sign up using this form, let us know what languages you speak and await an email from Róisín, our Global Program Coordinator. From there, Róisín will ask you about how much translations you’d like to do and then assign you something to work on. And the best part is you can earn 25 CAT points per 500 words translated: with that, you could get yourself an SSDP t-shirt!

Sign up to be a mentor

If translations aren’t your thing or you aren’t confident in your written language skills, don’t worry! You can still help out, sign up to be a mentor! We are looking for mentors who speak non-English languages to help members navigate their time in SSDP. Mentors provide advice and guidance to members. Some of the things mentors may be asked to do include:

  • Explaining key concepts
  • Pointing members in the direction of resources in their language
  • Advising members on issues
  • Helping explain some of our key resources (e.g. the Chapter Organising Manual)

Simply fill out this form and we will be in touch!