Letter from Betty Aldworth regarding election to the 4Front Ventures Board of Directors

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Today, 4Front Ventures Corp, a publicly held company on the Canadian Securities Exchange, announced my appointment to its Board of Directors. When the invitation came, 4Front’s leadership highlighted the ways I can help strengthen their foundational commitment to advocacy and corporate responsibility while contributing my experience in governance and regulatory compliance. I’m tremendously excited to see how we can generate social change together, amplifying our shared values across the industry.

4Front’s President, Kris Krane, is the former Executive Director of SSDP, and 4Front companies employ numerous SSDP alumni throughout their ranks. Following years of support, 4Front became an Esteemed Trustee of SSDP in 2018, joining SSDP’s highest tier of donors. 4Front’s initiatives include organizing more than 100 cannabis companies to sign a letter to congressional leaders in support of social equity in legalization; the Catalyst Fund, a social equity incubator; Antibition, a nascent social change project focusing on freedom, service, and responsibility; financial support of cannabis advocacy organizations; and specialized engagement in the communities Mission dispensaries serve.

I’m proud to be joining a team of people as dedicated to doing business right as they are to doing business. The cannabis industry is an imperfect and complicated byproduct of our long struggle for justice. Through targeted corporate initiatives, appropriate regulatory and licensing structures, investment in directly impacted communities, and personal commitments from participants in the cannabis ecosystem, we can build an industry that innovates new strategies and standards for corporate social responsibility.

As I enter this new role in the cannabis industry, I renew my commitment to center the principles that brought me here: justice, racial equity, and human rights. SSDP’s carefully crafted donor policies and intrinsic commitment to transparent, member-based governance have long assured the organization’s ideological independence. Through the remainder of my tenure at SSDP, I will carefully protect that independence. Furthermore, I am joining 4Front President Kris Krane in his pledge to SSDP’s Exit Endowment, committing to donate 1% of any earnings to SSDP.

Betty Aldworth
Executive Director
Students for Sensible Drug Policy