9 things you can do this summer to help end the drug war

A young woman holds a sign that says

Many Students for Sensible Drug Policy may now be on summer break, but the War on Drugs doesn’t take vacations! We need you to activate your power and maximize your impact this summer. Here are a few small things you can do to make a big difference:

  1. Use 5 minutes of your time to take action on our action center campaigns, then share the link with your chapter, friends, and family. The more actions you take, the more Chapter Activity Tracker (CAT) points you earn!
  2. Mark your calendars and make plans of action for June 26th: Support Don’t Punish Global Day of Action and August 31st: International Overdose Awareness Day.
  3. Complete an entry (or several) for our Drug Policy Gradebook to earn extra CAT points & help us complete our international database of country & campus drug policies.
  4. Complete Just Say Know peer education training so you can give presentations to your peers in the fall on what true evidence-based drug education looks like and earn CAT points!
  5. Reach out and chat with me this summer about how to take your activism to the next level. We can talk about how to activate your community to make elected officials hear your voice on crucial local issues, we can look at the drug policies impacting your school or community and make a plan to improve them, and more. Email me at hannah@ssdp.org to set up a call. Don’t be shy, I’m here to be a resource for you!
  6. For folks in the U.S., send postcards to your state Governor asking them to exercise clemency power and release people from unjust prison sentences. Write your own message or use the script from The National Council for Incarcerated & Formerly Incarcerated Women & Girls Clemency Campaign.
  7. Join the Intersectionality Committee or the Inter-chapter Collaboration Committee (ICC). Join the ICC working group developing the pilot phase of People for Sensible Drug Culture (PSDC) or the working group focused on events surrounding the presidential primaries. Contact ICC Chair Erica Darragh ‘13 or Intersectionality Committee Co-Chair Dominique Coronel ‘18 if you would like to join this important work.
  8. Reach out to local harm reduction, direct service, or justice organizations and support their advocacy or direct service work through volunteering and collaborating with them on local issues. (Yet another way to earn CAT points!)
  9. Write a post for the SSDP blog about your story coming into activism/organizing/world changing & community building. Share your story or share all your chapter’s hard work.

Ending the War on Drugs is possible, but only if we all work together and keep the pressure on our world leaders to enact sensible drug policy reform. Take action today, the War On Drugs doesn’t take summer vacations!