A SSDP Christmas for MSSU

Here at SSDP, we hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday and we look forward to the new year to bring about more sensibility to policies surrounding drugs. If you have a little extra Christmas cheer you’d like to spread, please donate to the Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) SSDP chapter and help them come out to San Francisco on March 12, 2010 for This is Your Brain on Drug Policy: SSDP’s International Drug Policy Reform Conference. The chapter at MSSU has been one of SSDP’s most active and talented chapters to date. Just check out all the cool stuff that comes up after a google search of MSSU SSDP. You’ll be impressed. MSSU also submitted this downright hilarious yet heartwarming video of chapter members hoping that Santa Claus will bring them what they truly want for Christmas.