AMPLIFYers Roots of Creation Need Your Help

When the AMPLIFY project was launched in 2009, the primary idea behind the program was to create a mutually beneficial relationship with touring bands that support our work to bring sensible reform to our nation’s drug policies. One of the AMPLIFY artists that have best exemplified this relationship over the years is Roots of Creation. Self-described as a Reggae/Rock Dubtronica Hybrid, these guys have been amazing supporters over the years by allowing SSDPers to table at their shows, giving students another audience to reach. At these shows, our students register voters, collect petition signatures, provide harm reduction information, or just talk with concertgoers about SSDP. In exchange, students help promote the shows on campus and in their communities.   10289952_10152832718023260_6420549018425483146_n   Roots of Creation are planning an ambitious Triple Studio Album release (3 versions of each song: studio, dub, & acoustic) and are once again turning to SSDP for help. Head over to their PledgeMusic page and help support these awesome dudes with a donation towards their new release.  In addition to supporting some great musicians, your pledge will also go towards helping students reform harmful drug policies.  If the band reaches their goal by Tuesday, January 6th, 5% of all donations will go directly to SSDP. This is a fantastic opportunity to further strengthen the connection between music lovers and drug policy reformers.   The band has reached 79% of their goal as of January 2nd, but only have 5 days left to complete their campaign. In the spirit of the holiday season, organic music, and sensible drug policy, please consider pledging a donation to Roots of Creation (and SSDP!) today. Even if you are unable to make a pledge at this time, then please share their campaign with your family and friends!