AMPLIFYing Our Message

AMPLIFYing Our Message

This past weekend, SSDP’s AMPLIFY team travelled to Chillicothe, Illinois to participate in the 12th annual Summer Camp Music Festival where several of our AMPLIFY artists were playing including Lotus, EOTO, Zoogma, Rubblebucket, and Indigo Sun. The AMPLIFY Project got invited back again, for the second year in a row, to participate in the Make A Difference tent. This is a space that allows Summer Campers the opportunity to learn what non-profits like SSDP are doing to make the world a better place. It presented a special opportunity for our team to engage members of the music community about the impact of the drug war, and get them involved in helping support sensible drug policy reform.
AMPLIFYing our message

AMPLIFY Coordinators excited to engage festival goers about SSDP and AMPLIFY

The AMPLIFY team spent four days in the blistering 100 degree heat educating festival goers about; SSDP’s efforts to reform drug policy around the world, effective harm reduction techniques, how music and drug policy are connected, and how they could become more involved in drug policy reform by starting an SSDP chapter and supporting SSDP and the AMPLIFY Project. We were also invited to lead a panel discussion called “Legalize It” on the intersectionality of music and drug policy reform in the Soulshine Tent. During which we were given the opportunity to take the stage for an hour and introduced many people to our work, shared our SSDP story, discussed our upcoming efforts to help the the Colorado Amendment 64 campaign, told attendees how to “Flex Their Rights” during & after the festival, and handed out festival harm reduction kits to every attendee.  These kits were a huge success and included among other things our brand new Festival Safety Guide, DanceSafe drug information cards, safe sex information, and Himalayan Rock Salt to help festival goer’s stay hydrated & healthy throughout the weekend.

AMPLIFY team members assembling festival harm reduction kits

Overall, the weekend was an enormous success for the AMPLIFY project! We were able to raise a substantial amount of money for the project, shared our work with so many new faces, gained more support from the music community, helped festival goers stay safe, and even got a few new SSDP chapters in the works as well. We can’t wait till next year to head back to Summer Camp and continue what has now become an annual AMPLIFY tradition.

AMPLIFY Project Coordinator, Chris Wallis, talking to an interested festival goer.

Until next time SCampers!
Photos By: Chris Wallis and Brian Gilbert In addition, the AMPLIFY project will also be conducting outreach this summer at Camp BarefootRootwire, andElectric Forest. So make sure to keep an eye out if you plan on attending, and stop by our table and say hello!