Announcing Model UN at Reform 2017

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If you were at the 2015 Reform conference, you might recall that SSDP hosted a Model UNGASS, giving our student members and alumni a chance to become familiar with ins and outs of global drug policy reform while participating in an interactive simulation. Participants picked a country, researched their positions on drug policy, and wrote recommendations to be considered by three committees and a general assembly. Model UNGASS was cited by many SSDPers to be one of the highlights of the Reform conference that year. We are pleased to announce that SSDP will be hosting a similar event at the 2017 Reform Conference: Model UN! Like Model UNGASS, participants will pick a country to represent, put together a position brief, and draft recommendations to be adopted into an outcome document by a simulated UN General Assembly. This is an opportunity for SSDP students and alumni to not only learn more about global drug policy reform, but allow them to deepen their understanding of the broad spectrum of political & cultural issues that the UN drug conventions affect. Not unlike the real United Nations, the simulation will demonstrate the ways that drug policy relates to other issues of international importance, including human rights, public health, environmental sustainability, global development, and global security. No prior Model UN experience is required to participate. We will be hosting two webinars in September to help participants get acquainted with the rules and procedures of Model UN, and to answer any questions you may have about participating. These webinars will be recorded in case you miss them. Model UN will take place from 6:00pm – 8:00pm on Thursday, October 12th and Friday, October 13th. The location will be in the conference hotel and participants will be notified where exactly that is before the conference.

How to Participate

  1. Fill out this google form. We will e-mail you back with your country assignment and other important information. For a live list of available countries, click here. Do not select the country where you live. Part of the fun of Model UN is learning about the drug laws of a new country, so be creative when selecting a country to represent. 
  2. Complete a Country Position Brief and submit it to The brief should be no more than one page and will include the recommendations you wish to submit for consideration to the General Assembly. 
Participants will also want to review the Model UN Participant’s Guide to get familiar with what to expect. This recording of the Model UN webinar also goes over everything in the Participant’s Guide. For questions or further information, please contact Jake Agliata at