Announcing our Interim Executive Directors

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This entry has been published on September 9, 2020 and may be out of date.

We are thrilled to announce that Rachel Wissner and Luis Montoya will be serving as Interim Executive Directors until the next Executive Director is hired.

Luis Montoya ‘16 first joined SSDP as a member of the Florida International University chapter. He attended SSDP2016 and was blown away by this network of badass organizers and activists bringing about change. He was president of the Florida International University chapter for a year.  At SSDP2017, he ran for the Board of Directors and got voted on as the first alternative. Shortly after, he was hired as an Outreach Coordinator on Staff, and has dedicated the last three years to coaching and supporting SSDPers. 

Rachel Wissner ‘11 got involved with SSDP in 2011 at the State University of New York at New Paltz chapter. During her time at New Paltz, she worked to end the “two-strike” marijuana policy and worked on the successful SUNY-wide Ban the Box initiative which culminated in a SUNY Board of Trustee vote to end the requirement that SUNY college applicants declare any previous felony convictions. Prior to joining SSDP staff, Rachel served as Secretary of SSDP’s Board of Directors, worked at the Family Law & Cannabis Alliance, and spent four years working with the New York Public Research Group, first knocking on doors to raise money for their environmental justice campaigns, and then as a project coordinator, helping students organize around environmental justice, higher education affordability, voting rights, consumer protection, and hunger and homelessness. Rachel joined SSDP’s development staff in 2018 and has since supported SSDP’s fundraising efforts.

We are so appreciative of Luis and Rachel’s leadership, and excited for our transition to a new Executive Director!