Announcing the 2019 DARE Scholarship Fund

Founded in 2011, the Diversity Awareness Reflection and Education (DARE) committee works to elevate the voices of those from marginalized and/or directly impacted communities and strives to center these perspectives in our work to end the War on Drugs.

Every year, SSDP DARE awards scholarships to people from marginalized and/or directly impacted communities to attend the annual SSDP conference. Our goal this year is $5,000, which would help approximately 20 outstanding SSDPers get to the conference and help pay for dinner for our very first People of Color Meetup at the conference.

Justine Balane ‘18 says “The DARE scholarship brought an activist like me, from a country 8000 miles away from the United States, to a space where I can expose the dangers of the War on Drugs inadvertently supported by US taxpayers. I come from the Philippines where a two-year War on Drugs has claimed more than 20,000 lives and undermined democracy in ways unimaginable in a modern society. Safe spaces like the SSDP conference are important for me to learn, exchange ideas and strengthen our movement against the brutal killings of the poor. It helped me get a clearer sense of how we build our movement and how friends from across the globe can help.”

Make a gift today to help students like Justine have a profoundly transformative and empowering experience at #SSDP2019.

Interested in applying for the scholarship? Stay tuned for our announcement of the application.