Announcing the People for Sensible Drug Culture x Be Interactive campaign!

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The Inter-Chapter Collaboration Committee (ICC) is composed of SSDP board members, alumni, and chapter members who are interested in collaborating on multi-chapter projects, organized as working groups. 

One of ICC’s working groups is People for Sensible Drug Culture (PSDC). PSDC seeks to meet our non-student peers where they’re at by entering community cultural spaces to connect individuals interested in drug culture to policy reform, harm reduction, and psychedelic renaissance resources via SSDP and related organizations. 

PSDC launched at Bassnectar’s Be Interactive fundraiser this past July, and we were inspired to fully actualize the SSDP x Bassnectar relationship by creating a campaign in support of a drug policy-relevant grant theme. The PSDC x Be Interactive campaign involves encouraging people to vote for “addiction” as an upcoming grant theme. 

Although nearly all of the grant theme options could be related back to drug policy in some way, we feel that “addiction” is the best theme for our grant because, under this category, we could apply for up to $10K to provide harm reduction education, training, and resources to young people. “Addiction” also give us space to directly address misinformation, stigmatizing language, and prohibitionist propaganda. Because Be Interactive is a US-focused nonprofit, this campaign is US-centered; however, participation in the campaign is open to everyone.

In order to capture the popular vote, we need all hands on deck! That’s where DanceSafe and SSDP chapters come in. DanceSafe and SSDP table in spaces that are predominantly populated by young people, and asking people to vote for “addiction” as a grant theme is a simple, straightforward act of participation. DanceSafe’s national office has cleared chapters for participation in this campaign, and SSDP is very excited to directly collaborate on this project. You can find all of the relevant materials in the PSDC x Be Interactive campaign strategy document.

DanceSafe chapters, SSDP chapters, and other youth-led social justice or other community organizations interested in participating in the PSDC x Be Interactive campaign may complete this form

I cannot wait to see what we accomplish together. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out by contacting