Announcing the SSDP Alumni Association!

Announcing the SSDP Alumni Association!

Today we’re so proud to announce the launch of the new Students for Sensible Drug Policy Alumni Association! Tens of thousands of people have been involved with an SSDP chapter since our founding in 1998, and the Alumni Association provides a structure for these folks to stay engaged with the SSDP network and to continue working to end the War on Drugs after graduating. We’re so thankful to the rockstar alumni who are helping us build and shape this program by serving on regional leadership boards! Meet our regional Alumni Association officers here. To learn more about the Alumni Association and to join, visit ssdp-alumni-association-dc-group-2014


The Alumni Association will strengthen the bonds between our alumni and between alumni and students. This year the program is in the pilot phase, so we hope you won’t be shy about sharing your honest feedback with us about how it is or isn’t working for you. Whether you’re interested in being in close communication with an SSDP chapter near you or at your alma mater as a chapter adviser, or you simply want to stay in touch with friends you met in SSDP, the self-directed nature of the Alumni Association allows you to participate in whatever way is right for you. This program is focused on four components:
  • Connection. Alumni-managed networking events and networking groups on social media platforms will connect alumni within states or regions with each other regardless of age or school of graduation.
  • Mentorship. Alumni will be presented opportunities to enter into formal one-to-one mentoring relationships with current students as well as be appointed to “chapter adviser” roles to provide a consistent presence for chapters, which by their nature have transitioning leadership.
  • Advocacy. Alumni will be encouraged to participate in actions and events alongside the student network.
  • Philanthropy. Through the Sensible Society, fundraising at events, and focused constituent management, alumni will be developed as donors and empowered to think of themselves as philanthropists from graduation and throughout their post-graduation relationships with SSDP.

What this means for alumni

For many of you, the Alumni Association is simply putting support under things you already do, such as being in touch with current SSDP chapter leaders, volunteering to help at events, and spreading the word about SSDP to your networks. For those who may have taken a step back from SSDP since your days being involved as a student, this is your opportunity to get plugged back in!

What this means for students

You’ll see more alumni around who are able to offer support to your chapter while staying connected to the SSDP network. Alumni are uniquely able to understand what it’s like to be an SSDP chapter leader or member, so they can provide insight, advice, and support like no one else. They can also help you prepare to navigate life after school, including reviewing your resume, considering career options, and more. We hope you’ll welcome SSDP alumni with open arms, establishing life-long social and professional connections. And when you graduate, we hope you’ll join the Alumni Association to stay connected to the SSDP network  and continue advocating for sensible drug policies. Sign up for SSDP’s Alumni Association today! Questions and feedback on the program should be directed to Stacia Cosner.