Another Intern Joins the Team!

Another Intern Joins the Team!

Within a week of arriving in Washington D.C., I found myself among some of the most hard working and dedicated individuals I have yet encountered in the drug policy movement. Unsurprisingly, the reputations of various SSDP staffers had far preceded their own welcoming personalities.

David RiderDrug policy has been the single issue area that has kept me anchored as I developed my ideas throughout my academic career. Questions about drug policy reform compelled me to question the ideas and beliefs with which I entered college.

As a summer intern for SSDP, I feel as if a great circle has been completed, one that began with an opinionated English major and has ended with a member of a team, working to end the war on drugs.

Nevertheless, the circle is not yet complete. The battle is not yet won. Until we have limited (or perhaps eradicated?) the reach and scope of drug prohibition, we cannot expect to live truly free lives. Furthermore, ending the war on drugs will certainly result in the ability to live better lives. We all have something to gain in this struggle.

My specific interest area is the research and utilization of psychedelic substances for therapeutic purposes. I am also interested in how we can end the war on drugs by influencing societal perceptions of drugs and drug usage through education, policy reform, community involvement and activism.