Apply to become an officer of the SSDP Alumni Association

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Founded in 2015, the SSDP Alumni Association created a formal avenue through which SSDP Alumni could interact with our students and network. Alumni Association activities include, but are not limited to: community building through independently organized events, mentorship of current SSDP students, and philanthropy efforts for the organization. Members of the Alumni Association receive special discounts and consideration for SSDP programming and events, and of course, receive a structured pathway to stay in touch with their SSDP community. Over the past 3 years, we have experimented with several different leadership structures of the Alumni Association. We haven’t seen the results that our network deserves, so we’re trying a new approach with more specific and varied officer positions. These positions will be highly self-directed, and officers are expected to engage in activities proactively.
  • Eligibility: applicants must be members of the Alumni Association in good standing
  • Time commitment: at least 1 hour per week (maximum ~5 hours per week), at least 3 weeks out of every month
  • Term: 1 year (It’s our hope that each officer will fill their role for at least a year, but we understand that circumstances change, so if you’re no longer able to dedicate the time needed, you may resign at any time)
  • To apply: submit this form by Friday, July 6
Questions may be directed to


Member Relations Officer

Purpose: Existing members are retained, and membership continues to grow.
  • Create and execute strategic campaigns to increase membership
  • Reach out to individuals with incomplete membership status to help them complete the process
  • Conduct individual outreach to prospective members
  • Help keep internal and external membership lists current by removing inactive members, updating current cities and regions, etc.
  • Welcome new members and thank members who remain in good standing

Member Data Officer

Purpose: We have the most accurate and complete information about members.
  • Reach out to current members to confirm and update their information (i.e. do you still live in X city? Is this still your best email address?)
  • Conduct data analysis (Are there trends on when people join? Where people are located? Which schools have most members? How are they finding out about the Association?)
  • Collect information on current occupations and update list of  Where our alumni work

Events Coordinator

Purpose: SSDP alumni organize and participate in events that bring the network together.
  • Monitor SSDP hosted events (ex: annual conferences, regional conferences, major chapter events, etc.) and make local alumni aware of them
  • Plan and execute alumni events (to facilitate bonding, networking, and/or fundraising) in areas where members are densely located
  • Assist with unofficial networking events
  • Lead and recruit volunteers in organizing  alumni meetups at events where many alumni are present (SSDP conference, DPA conference, MAPS conference, HRC conference, cannabis industry conferences)

Fundraising Officer

Purpose: SSDP alumni generate donations to support the organization.
  • Reach out to current members and invite them to increase their monthly donations
  • Assist with reaching out to members with lapsed donations
  • Come up with ideas for and help execute creative, strategic fundraising initiatives directed to or facilitated by alumni (i.e. Pets of SSDP Calendar, fundraising competitions, house parties, etc.)

Advocacy Coordinator

Purpose: SSDP alumni are aware of and encouraged to take action on drug policy reform issues.
  • Monitor drug policy legislation and inform local alumni of opportunities to take action
  • Work with SSDP’s Advocacy Fellow and Public Affairs Consultant to plug alumni into existing SSDP campaigns
  • Check in with SSDP’s Advocacy Fellow at least twice per month to explore advocacy opportunities for alumni
  • Connect alumni with advocacy opportunities through  individual, social media, and/or email list communication

Mentorship Program Officer

Purpose: The SSDP Mentors program is well utilized and managed.
  • Reach out to matched mentor/mentee pairs to ensure contact has been made after initial matching
  • Assist with matching new mentee sign ups with mentors
  • Help create and conduct survey of mentors and mentees to gauge program success and opportunities for improvement
  • Periodically reach out to mentors to confirm they are still interested in participating
  • Solicit new mentors
  • Solicit new mentees

Newsletter Editor

Purpose: Alumni Association members have exclusive access to news and information about SSDP.
  • Produce, write, chase and edit content for quarterly Alumni Association newsletters. Sections from previous newsletters include:
    • student, chapter, and alumni profiles;
    • DPR news recap;
    • alumni event highlights;
    • upcoming events calendar;
    • chapter and organizational accomplishments list; and
    • new chapters list
  • Ensure there is a balance between written and photo/video content to improve readability of newsletter
  • Track deadlines and follow-up with contributors to ensure newsletter is published on time
  • Recruit new contributors

Blog Author

Purpose: Alumni accomplishments and experiences are highlighted to the public.
  • Create a schedule and topics for alumni blog posts (i.e. interviews between alumni, alumni-student interviews, mentor/mentee pairs)
  • Produce at least 1 blog post per month
  • Solicit ideas and participants from fellow alumni


Purpose: SSDP artifacts are preserved, organized, and shared with our network and the public.
  • Solicit and organize historical artifacts, both physical and digital
  • Plan and lead campaigns to collect pieces
  • Plan and lead campaigns to highlight pieces

Career Services Coordinator

Purpose: SSDP students and alumni have access to high-quality professional development and job seeking advice and resources.
  • Solicit alumni members who are willing to help students and fellow alumni with resume editing, interview preparation, and general career advice
  • Create written materials on resume editing, interview prep, general career advice
  • Organize webinars on topics related to professional development
  • Come up with innovative ways to connect SSDPers with jobs