Argentina Decriminalizes Marijuana

I didn’t realize it when I left for the first Latin American Conference on Drug Policy in Argentina a few weeks ago (scroll down a couple of posts for more), but the country was on its way to setting a historical precedent in creation of sensible drug policy. While it may not be Portugal or Mexico, the new law is undoubtedly the first step in a new approach for the South American nation. The Supreme Court announced a UNANIMOUS ruling today that allows for personal use and possession of marijuana by adults in private situations without affecting third parties. It has deemed the current system invasive and corrupt, and a literal violation of constitutional privacy rights. Of course, most of us realize that any government intervention regarding what we put into our own bodies is a violation of personal privacy. But isn’t it nice to see formidable heads of government agreeing? The court goes on to suggest that (gasp!) treatment for drug addiction is a more viable alternative to incarceration and that resources are better used fighting violent drug traffickers than low-level offenders. The Chief Cabinet Minister Aníbal Fernández suggested the ruling signifies an “end of the repressive policies of the government against users.” A good day, indeed.