Attention Fellow Undergrads: I am a Sober Virgin

Here’s an example of an attempt at harm-reduction gone terribly wrong:
MADD announces an exclusive license agreement with Hill Street Marketing Inc. to produce a line of alcohol-free beverages, MADD Virgin Drinks, which will provide American consumers with a delicious and socially responsible alternative to alcoholic beverages.
Cool. I’m down with non-alcoholic beverages (although I prefer a nice, frosty, alcoholic Guinness myself). I’m definitely NOT down with drunk driving. But whatever you think about alcohol, MADD, or this campaign, you have to admit that dubbing these beverages “virgin” is just a dumb marketing move. After all, if you’re trying to get 19 year old college guys to buy your product, you’re not going to have much luck asking them to carry a bottle around a party with the word “virgin” on it. Once again, this shows that MADD is entirely out of touch with the constituency they claim to protect, and is more interested in promoting prohibitionist, puritanical “values” than actually saving lives. They’ve made a product that might be popular with the already-cautious “abstinence-only” crowd, but will do nothing to actually reach those who are most likely to engage in risky behavior. Whether or not you’re a virgin, SSDP strongly recommends that you stay safe and sensible by carrying around some Screw the Drug War condoms… just in case. [Thanks, Pete]