August 5, 2018 amendment to the bylaws

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In July 2018, in the course of a routine transition in the service of a student member of the board, the Executive Committee noticed that the SSDP Congress had recently elected two persons who were technically not qualified to serve. To permit the service of the persons elected by Congress and avoid disruption of the operation of the board of directors, the board adopted a temporary amendment to the by-laws to correct that disqualification.

Section 2.13. Interim Remedy for Inadvertent Disqualification

(a) Notwithstanding Section 2.07(a), a student director having been elected at Congress, having become a candidate inadvertently not meeting the definition of student in section 2.04(a), the director may continue to serve to the end of their term.

(b) This section is repealed effective March 31, 2019.

The bylaws are available, in their entirety, at